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The San Marcos River is a jewel of the Texas Hill Country and begins right here at Spring Lake, where pristine water gushes from the Edwards Aquifer through hundreds of spring openings on the lakebed. The water in the lake is crystal clear and a Glass Bottom Boat Tour offers a glimpse into its beautiful depths. As it descends from Spring Lake, the river flows through several parks, including Sewell Park, City Park and Rio Vista Park. It’s eventually joined by the Blanco and Guadalupe Rivers on it’s way to the Gulf of Mexico.

The river is home to a variety of endangered animal and plant species, including the Texas Blind Salamander, the San Marcos Fountain Darter and Texas Wild Rice. Conservation groups like the San Marcos River Foundation work to preserve the quality and natural beauty of the river to protect its inhabitants and ensure the public has access to its healing waters.

At a constant 72 degrees, the water can be enjoyed year-round by swimmers, tubers, kayakers and snorkelers. In summer, it offers cool refreshment and on cold winter mornings, steam rises from water – creating a mystical environment to explore.

The San Marcos River is my favorite subject to photograph in San Marcos. I’ve enjoyed many sunrises and sunsets on its banks in all seasons, capturing and reveling in its beauty.

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